March 10th Presenters


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Daniel Iregui

CONTROL NO CONTROL – Glow Festival 2013 par Iregular sur Vimeo.

Nous parlera également de ses installations interactives suivantes:


Né à Bogotá en 1981, Daniel Iregui vit et travaille à Montréal. Il est le fondateur d’Iregular, un studio de création de contenu interactif basé à Montréal. Il cumule presque 10 ans de travail dans le domaine du design d’interaction. Directeur artistique et programmeur, Daniel crée des expériences artistiques interactives avec un penchant marqué pour une esthétique visuelle ancrée dans la technologie.

Erin Gee
Pour Dorkbot, Erin nous parlera des politiques et possibilitées de l’art numérique et de la recherche scientifique dans le contexte de ses expériences intitulées “Swarming Emotional Pianos”. Elle compte également engager une conversation à propos de nos idées et expériences sur l’art numérique, son public, son économie et ses contextes alternatifs.
Explorant les idées d’identité numérique, d’architecture et de l’étrange, Erin Gee utilise des voix humaines incarnées dans des corps électroniques afin de propulser ses oeuvres artistiques dans la performance, l’art sonore et la robotique. Elle a performé et exposé ses oeuvres pour électronique et soprano  en Amérique du nord et en Australie.
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Daniel Iregui

CONTROL NO CONTROL – Glow Festival 2013 from Iregular on Vimeo.

Will be talking about a number of different interactive projects:


Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981, Daniel Iregui currently lives and produces all his work from Montréal, Canada. He is the founder of Iregular, an interactive content creation practice in Montreal. He has work in the field of interaction design for almost 10 years.Art director and programmer, Daniel creates artistic interactive experiences with a strong focus in the visual esthetic through technology.

Erin Gee

For Dorkbot I would like to talk about the politics and possibilities of digital art and science research through the context of my research into Swarming Emotional Pianos.  I’m interested in talking to people there about their ideas and experiences for alternative contexts, economies and audiences for digital art.

Exploring ideas of digital identity, architecture, and the uncanny, Erin Gee uses human voices in electronic bodies as a springboard for artistic works in performance, sound art, and robotics.  She has exhibited and performed her live works for electronics and soprano in North America and Australia.

Claire Kenway


Our third presenter gave us a taste of what Windcatcher can do.

Project Description:

If the wind could sing to us, what would it sound like? Would it sound magical, delicate, and melodic? Perhaps it would have a polyphony of voices which articulate its fundamental source and the objects it comes into contact with, infusing it with rhythms, bass, and sweet melodies? Whether its song is a roar or a whisper, a gust or a flurry, with Windcatcher, the wind has a voice.

Windcatcher is an art installation that exemplifies the creative potential of wind as a source of sound, energy, beauty, and inspiration. Three kinetic sound sculptures become the sources of sounds produced as a result of wind interacting with different physical materials and electronic interfaces. These three specially designed instruments: an Aeolian harp, chimes, and musical wind turbine, together create music played by the wind. The ‘wind orchestra’ produces melodic, harmonic, and percussive sounds, each instrument having its own unique form and function As an artwork, Windcatcher challenges negative perceptions about wind energy and highlights the majesty and beauty of nature and the wind itself: sounds created and manipulated by the undulating ripples of the wind.

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A multifaceted artist, Claire’s creativity explores the intersections between sound, space, sensation, emotion, and environment. Classically trained in violin as a child, she has been performing internationally as a DJ for more than a decade. Since moving to Montreal in 2008 to complete her Master’s in Communications at
Concordia University, she has been active in musical composition, live performance, and the creation of interactive installations. Articulating messages of sustainability through interactive motion and sound, her installations employ sensing technologies in combination with sound synthesis, creating music as a result of kinetic movement. Her first project, ///Friction, involves three bicycles that produce and manipulate sounds. This was followed by Acousticaquatica, an underwater art experiment that explores the
relationship between humans, technology, sounds, and fish. And Windcatcher, where she designed and built three musical instruments played by the wind. Musically-speaking, her heart lives deep in the underground: she founded the nomadic Blackbox parties in 2011, released her debut album ‘Under a Midnight Moon’ on Montreal’s Archipel Musique in November 2012, and has recently begun putting out a plethora of esteemed releases as well as performing her own music live, addicting new audiences to her unique brand of dark, deep, intellectual and alluring electronic music.