Mike Hornblow

What better way to start Dorkbot off on the right foot than with a project from from Senselab, housed within Concordia’s Hexagram? The research conducted by our first presenter is so fresh, it’s yet to be mapped by a Google web van.

Project Description:
OmegaVille is a multidisciplinary project in development at Senselab, Concordia University. It uses Google Street View to speculate on notions of planetary urbanism, and how this may be experienced and embodied. I’ll explore a few ideas using video and GSV navigation, performance and mobile media. I’ll discuss some events coming up for the project, and wrap up with an exercise in audience participation, using smartphones to generate an impromptu multichannel video installation.

Michael is an artist from New Zealand / Australia, with a background in performance, video, media art, and critical writing. This is informed by recent doctoral research-by-practice in the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory at RMIT, Melbourne; and now post-doctoral research in relational art and philosophy at Senselab, Concordia University. He has presented work in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Africa, Canada, and Europe; including recently the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Sydney.

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