David Raby-Pepin

Presenter number two introduced us to a new and upcoming media art collective taking wings here in the city. Interested in getting involved? Get in touch: info[at]funkshioncreation.com

FEEDBACK LAB II – RETROSPECT – 07/03/2014 from Funkshion Creation on Vimeo.

Project Description: 
The presentation covered a few events exploring the process of documenting participants’ presence and actions with the intention of rebroadcasting the material directly in the event space. The documentation component requires the use of instant and digital photography, webcams and digital film while the rebroadcasting occurs through visual projections. Physical installations are conceived to receive the projections and integrate them in a spatial setting.


A recent McGill Architecture graduate, David has been active in the fields of architecture and art making over the past years. He has worked and studied architecture in Montreal, Canada and Venice, Italy. He has also been running Funkshion Creation, an art/event practice, alongside 2 other colleagues for the past 2 years and a half. He recently parted from this practice, however, to start Vocabulaires Visibles, his own art/event practice through which he explores the relation between spatial installations, object making and artistic performance.


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